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It’s official! I’m running for Judge of the 403rd District Court! I have had the honor of presiding as Judge of County Court #6 for the last decade. Over this time I have worked to be at the forefront of progress in our criminal justice system, recognizing that every person before me deserves a judge who listens, who understands, and who works to find a fair resolution.

In my last 11 years on the bench, I am proud to have created and implemented an award winning diversion program for teenage adults, called Project Engage. With over 100 teen graduates, who have defied their “high risk” label and succeeded like no one believed they could, Project Engage has provided the structure and support that its teenage defendants have needed to succeed in life. I created Project Engage because our community’s young people deserved a diversion program that moved them away from the adult criminal justice system. I believe that increasing a person’s chance of success is undeniably better for our community as a whole and I am committed to continuing to do that.

My experience as a judge, as a prosecutor and as a defense attorney, with nearly 25 years in criminal law, has given me the perspective and responsibility required to be the next Judge of the 403rd District Court. Every day I get a chance to help people, to protect our community, to fight drug addiction, and to help families. It is truly an honor to serve.

I hope I can count on your support for Judge of the 403rd District Court in the March Democratic Primary.

With gratitude,

A Strong Commitment to Public Service

  • Awarded Excellence in Criminal Law on behalf of the Austin Bar Association 2019

  • Awarded The Sam Biscoe, Legacy Award for Outstanding Leadership, Strength and Dedication to Public Service in Travis County, 2018

  • Awarded The City of Austin Civic Futures Award for Engaging the Youngest Members for the Adult criminal Justice System 2019

  • Recognized for her contributions to The Austin Optimist Club’s efforts to support youth in 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, and 2015

  • Communities in School honored her with The Central Texas Appreciation Award for Court Education and School Programs 2014

  • Honored with The Travis County Commissioner’s Court Proclamation for Work in Specialty Courts and criminal Justice Intervention 2017

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