Judge Brandy Mueller is a native Austinite, the daughter of a first generation American, two educators and the mother of 3. She was first elected Judge of County Court #6 in 2010. As judge, she has been at the forefront of progress in not only seeing the problems within our criminal justice system, but in taking the initiative to find solutions. She has a strong reputation as an experienced judge who listens, understands and who works to find a fair resolution. She has presided over 100 jury trials and received awards for “Excellence in Criminal Law,” “Outstanding Leadership and Dedication to Public Service” and for “Engaging the Youngest Members of the Adult Criminal Justice System.”

Judge Mueller created an award-winning diversion program, reducing convictions and jail sentences for teenage Defendants.

Judge Mueller saw the gap that exists within the criminal justice system and did something about it. She knew that in order for most teenage defendants to be successful in a diversion program, they needed supportive services, education, job and career opportunities…just as much as structure and consequences. And where the system in place didn’t offer the necessary support, she found it on her own…securing a long list of partnerships with other government agencies, non-profits and those in the private sector to provide education, career services, and community engagement. (where the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Austin area CEO’s, TV personalities, sports figures, and successful formerly incarcerated individuals have appeared as guest speakers).

Judge Mueller brings experience, responsibility, and perspective to the bench.

Judge Mueller has nearly 25 years of criminal law experience, she has tried numerous cases as well as presided over 100 jury trials. Prior to being elected judge, she served as an Assistant County Attorney, an Assistant District Attorney and at the United States Attorney’s Office, as a Special Assistant United States Attorney, and as a criminal defense attorney. She has represented numerous children and parents in neglect and abuse cases, as well as, adults in criminal cases.

She is as committed on the bench as she is off. She has also played an active role in our community by serving as a board member of the Austin Bar Association, the Austin State Supported Living Center, Back on My feet, the Travis County Dispute Resolution Center, the Lola Wright Foundation, CAN Academy, and American Youth Works-AmeriCorps. She is a graduate of Leadership Austin and a former Barrister in the Robert Calvert Inn of Court. She is also on the Executive Board of the National Association of Women Judges, where she has worked to introduce legal careers to underserved middle and high school students at her alma maters Lively Middle School and Travis High School.

Raised in Austin, Judge Mueller is both committed and dedicated to giving back to the community she loves. She lives in the Rosedale neighborhood with her husband, Aaron, their three sons, their dog and brood of chickens.