1: "Pho Ga: A lighter version of the traditional Vietnamese noodle soup, made with lean chicken and fragrant herbs."

2: "Banh Xeo: Crispy crepes filled with shrimp, bean sprouts, and herbs, perfect for a nutritious family meal."

3: "Goi Cuon: Fresh spring rolls stuffed with vegetables, herbs, and shrimp, a light and healthy dish."

4: "Canh Chua: Tangy and spicy Vietnamese sour soup with fish and vegetables, a comforting and nutritious meal."

5: "Bun Bo Hue: Spicy beef noodle soup with lemongrass and herbs, a hearty and flavorful Vietnamese classic."

6: "Com Ga: Fragrant chicken and rice dish topped with herbs and pickled vegetables, a simple and delicious meal."

7: "Goi Du Du: Papaya salad with shrimp and herbs, a refreshing and healthy Vietnamese side dish."

8: "Ca Kho To: Caramelized fish cooked in clay pot with herbs and spices, a savory and satisfying Vietnamese dish."

9: "Bun Rieu: Crab and tomato noodle soup with herbs and tofu, a nutritious and comforting Vietnamese favorite."