1: Gina Torres shines as Jessica Pearson in the legal drama Pearson.

2: Torres transitions from Suits to Pearson, showcasing her power and grace.

3: Pearson is not available on Netflix, but you can catch it on other streaming platforms.

4: Jessica Pearson's journey is filled with drama, intrigue, and fierce determination.

5: These six scenes highlight Jessica's unstoppable nature and unwavering drive.

6: From the courtroom to the boardroom, Jessica Pearson commands attention and respect.

7: Torres brings depth and complexity to the role of Jessica, captivating viewers with her performance.

8: Pearson's storyline is a rollercoaster of emotions, showcasing Jessica's strength and vulnerability.

9: Discover the power of Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson in Pearson, a legal drama that will leave you wanting more.