1: Gina Torres shines in Pearson. Her character, Jessica Pearson, shows strength and determination in every scene.

2: Jessica's move to Chicago introduces new challenges. Watch her navigate the city's political landscape with finesse.

3: In Pearson, Jessica's power suits and fierce attitude demand attention. She is a force to be reckoned with.

4: Jessica's conflict with the corrupt Chicago mayor adds depth to her character. She fights for justice in every scene.

5: Witness Jessica's unwavering loyalty to her colleagues. She proves time and time again that she is a true ally.

6: Jessica's sharp wit and cunning intellect are on full display in Pearson. She always has a plan up her sleeve.

7: See how Jessica's past influences her present decisions. Her complex backstory adds layers to the character.

8: Jessica's moral compass guides her through difficult choices. She stands up for what is right no matter the cost.

9: Gina Torres delivers a powerful performance as Jessica Pearson. Watch her captivate audiences in Pearson.