1: "Introducing Roasted Potatoes Unleashed: 6 Flavorful Variations"

2: "1. Classic Herb & Garlic: A timeless combination of fresh herbs and garlic."

3: "2. Spicy Cajun Kick: Heat things up with this zesty Cajun-inspired seasoning."

4: "3. Parmesan & Rosemary: Elevate your potatoes with savory Parmesan and fragrant rosemary."

5: "4. Tangy Lemon Pepper: Brighten up your dish with a burst of citrus and pepper."

6: "5. Smoky BBQ Bliss: Indulge in the rich flavors of smoky barbecue spices."

7: "6. Sweet Maple Glaze: Add a touch of sweetness with a delicious maple glaze."

8: "Transform your potatoes into a gourmet experience with these creative twists."

9: "Unleash the potential of your roasted potatoes with these 6 irresistible variations."